Holocaust Analysis: 7 Perspectives

When the Jews rant about “Holocaust denialism,” they almost always allude to people who don’t agree with the mainstream narrative. In particular, many people are skeptical of the claim that Jews were killed in gas chambers during World War II. Many people also question the claim that six million Jews died.

Ironically (or not), many, if not most, critics obediently follow the Jews’ script, focusing almost exclusively on facts (or allegations). And so we wind up with an endless tug of war between Jews and “Holocaust deniers.” (And isn’t it amazing how right-wing so many Holocaust deniers appear to be?)

Imagine if you actually did your homework and came to the conclusion that the Jews have been telling the truth. Good work; you’ve just torpedoed the Holocaust deniers. However, we still have some big problems.

What do we make of the fact that Adolf Hitler is demonized while Joseph Stalin, who is widely believed to have killed more people, is generally ignored? And why do we hear more about the Jews’ Holocaust than all other mega-atrocities combined? What about the Jews’ shameless exploitation of the Holocaust? And how can it be OK to call people who merely ask questions about the Holocaust racist? Why is it illegal to question the Holocaust in some countries, especially when politicians and media whores (many of whom are Jews) are actually paid to lie?

In plain English, the Jews’ Holocaust (aka HolocaustJM or Holohoax) is a can of worms. In fact, I’ve identified seven different themes or facets of Holohoax analysis. I will explore them in some detail in my books, but let me offer a brief synopsis below.

  1. Facts
  2. Interpretation
  3. Balance
  4. Exploitation
  5. Free Speech
  6. Brainwashing
  7. Selfish Jew Syndrome

Facts ˆ

This is a logical starting point. Most people with any knowledge of history would concur with the claim that Adolf Hitler and his National Socialists (aka “Nazis”) persecuted Jews. Did they really kill Jews in gas chambers, however? And is it true that the Germans deliberately killed six million Jews?

As mentioned above, this is the perspective the Jews and many of their critics alike focus on ad nauseum. It might be described as the backbone of Holocaust theology and Holocaust denialism both.

Interpretation ˆ

Most people would probably accept the claim that many thousands, if not millions, of Jews were locked up in labor camps (aka concentration camps). But do you know why the Germans imprisoned so many Jews?

The Jews claim they were innocent victims that were simply scapegoated by the evil Nazis. However, some people believe the Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves through their corruption and treachery.

This facet of Holohoax analysis opens the doors to philosophy. If people want to portray Adolf Hitler as the most evil person who ever lived, then shouldn’t they define the word “evil”? I think Obama is far more evil than Hitler was. Most Americans would deride my suggestion as ludicrous, but I can back up my claim with logic.

In a similar vein, isn’t it amazing that there is still no consensus on the meanings of the words “genocide” (coined by a Jew) and “fascism”? We might even ask what constitutes a “world war,” since Hitler is widely accused of starting one. Even history books vetted by the Jews tell us Hitler ordered the invasion of Poland, a country bordering Germany. The colonial British and French turned it into a world war when they declared war on Germany.

Balance ˆ

In one corner, we have people who claim the Germans murdered six million Jews—many of them killed in gas chambers—for no rational reason whatsoever. In the other corner are people who claim the Jews were little more than parasites who brought the Holocaust on themselves—and, no, there were no gas chambers, nor were there six million fatalities.

Regardless of who we believe, how can we not wonder what kind of magic Joseph Stalin had? After all, the Soviet strongman is widely believed to have killed more people than Hitler did, and most of his victims were his own citizens! Furthermore, Stalin was slaughtering people before WWII, and the persecution continued after the war ended. (Though the policy of mass execution largely ended by late 1938, political arrests and repressions continued until Stalin’s death in 1953. Millions remained in prison, and family members were often unable to find out whether their imprisoned relatives were alive.)

So why isn’t Stalin demonized alongside Hitler? In comparison, Stalin is virtually ignored.

Then there’s Winston Churchill, who was another mass murderer and a more obvious racist and warmonger than Hitler to boot. And what about such ancient heroes as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, and Napoleon? Why are they widely regarded as heroes when they were more obsessed with conquest than Hitler?

Another interesting thing is the Jews’ claim that the Holocaust was the worst atrocity ever because of its efficiency. Rather than kill one person at a time, the Germans shoved groups of Jews into gas ovens.

In fact, the spear, sword, and gunpowder are technological wonders that made it infinitely easier to kill people more efficiently. However, the most efficient killing machine is the nuclear bomb, invented by the Jews.

Exploitation ˆ

I would like to take credit for writing the book The Holocaust Industry, but it was actually written by a Jew, Norman Finklestein. As the title implies, the Jews continue milking the Holocaust for everything it’s worth. Jewish propagandists are quick to play the sympathy card when people criticize or question them, their policies, or even their crimes.

The Holocaust is also worth a lot of money. Thousands of alleged Holocaust survivors around the world are still collecting Holocaust welfare checks, more than three quarters of a century after WWII ended. Many of these alleged victims were scarcely touched by the war. The children of Holocaust survivors are apparently beginning to cash in as well. Of course, Israel gets endless aid from the U.S., supported by brain-dead Americans who believe the Jews are God’s chosen people as well as—gasp—Holocaust victims.

Free Speech ˆ

Even if it could be proved that the Jews are telling the truth about the Holocaust, doesn’t it seem a little perverse that people should be forced to accept that truth without asking questions? That isn’t the way people learn, nor is it the way history works.

In some countries, questioning the Holocaust is illegal! What kind of democracy is that?

Brainwashing ˆ

The mainstream Holohoax narrative, along with all the baggage that accompanies it, gives people a warped view of WWII, which shaped the world we live in today. It also warps people’s thinking skills. What possible sense does it make to portray Hitler as the most evil person who ever lived, the Jews as perfectly innocent angels, or the Holocaust as the worst atrocity ever? What kind of moron would believe the stories the Jews have made up about Hitler’s alleged drug addictions and physical and mental maladies?

During the Middle Ages, people could be burned at the stake for claiming Earth is round. They could be killed if they were believed to be witches. Today, people who ask the wrong questions about the Holohoax are labeled with childish names like “Holocaust denier” or “NeoNazi” and frequently persecuted. The Jews’ “cancel culture” itself could have been taken out of a medieval playbook.

Selfish Jew Syndrome ˆ

Combine the six perspectives above and you get a seventh reason for pissing on the Holohoax: it diverts attention from truly innocent people who have suffered through the ages, including many who are suffering today. Have you even heard of the Bengal Famine (created by Winston Churchill) or the Holodomor (the work of Joseph Stalin)? Are you aware that the American Holocaust began more than 500 years ago and hasn’t ended?

As a young Native American (Cherokee) man once asked me, “What did they do to those people [the Jews] that they didn’t do to mine?!”

* * * * *

Like I said, there’s more to both the gospel of the Holocaust and Holocaust denial than most people realize. Given that the Jews rub their Holocaust in our faces from cradle to grave, doesn’t it make sense to actually do a little research and find out for ourselves how believable, balanced, and fair it is?