Thanks largely to generations of Jewish propaganda, most U.S. citizens are batshit crazy, and there’s no better proof than The HolocaustTM If questioning the mainstream Holocaust narrative is “Holocaust denial,” then what should we call the irrational idea that the Jews and only the Jews know all the details about whatever happened in “Nazi” Germany during WWII? What do we call the arrogant, deranged belief that people who dare to harbor divergent ideas about the Holocaust are mentally deficient monsters who should be publicly shamed and even prosecuted? Doesn’t this whole thing remind you of the Middle Ages, when people believed in witches and people believed to be witches could be burned alive?

Let me put it in perspective with a psychological study I would love to do some day. The study consists of three phases. We might initially select any number of subjects; 1,000 would probably give us some amazing insights.

First, we ask each subject to list the ten socio-political issues they think are most important. Most people would likely cite climate change, political corruption, war, homelessness, and similar issues. Most people could probably easily think of five issues they care about, and it probably wouldn’t be hard for most to brainstorm ten. One issue I wouldn’t expect anyone to list is Holocaust denial. How is something that may or may not have happened three quarters of a century ago on the other side of the world more relevant than climate change and artificial intelligence?

Are you a holomaniac?

The second phase of the study consists of talking to the subjects about the issues they chose, gauging their emotional reactions. Many Americans can get pretty emotional about politics, but there is also a crushing blanket of apathy. Most Americans don’t have a notable passion for political reform. The home of grunge, Gothic Seattle is absolutely smothered in apathy.

The third phase is the fun part. We continue the conversation, somehow working in the Holocaust. We concede that we don’t believe the mainstream Holocaust narrative. In particular, we don’t believe the Germans killed any Jews in gas chambers, and the total death toll was probably considerably less than six million.

Get ready to run for cover! Reactions will be mixed, of course, but there is probably a significant percentage of Americans who would go ballistic over such an admission. You can see the veins popping out on their foreheads as they glare at you with teeth clenched.

I would predict that these people will exhibit more emotion over your “Holocaust denial” than all the socio-political issues they listed combined. Remember: we never suggested that the Holocaust was a good thing or that it should be re-enacted (though I would certainly love to see America’s Jewish problem solved). We simply said we didn’t believe the official narrative, just as historians have different views about the American Civil War, the Trojan War, and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

I work with people who have seen my websites and know that I have run for public office. None have the guts to say anything to my face, but they go around sniping at me behind my back. There was recently a heated argument between one of my supporters and a couple holokooks who called me a racist and a “pile of shit.” In fact, one brain-dead assclown—an ex-marine who was stationed in Iraqistan—called me a pile of shit on a pile of shit. (Oh, yeah? I’m calling him a triple pile of shit!)

If you close your eyes and think about it, these people are loony tunes. More than irrational, they might be deemed at least borderline insane.

So, how about it? What should we call the opposite of Holocaust denial? Truth denial? Holovision? Holofaith or holocultism? How about Holocaust fanaticism? The Jews apparently prefer the term Shoa Business.

People who are afflicted with this mental illness could be called holokooks, holofanatics (or Holocaust fanatics), holofools, holocausters, or holohucksters, Or we could simply call them Zionists (or ZioNazis).